A brief job description of astronomers

Information taken from the website Bureau of Labor Statistics

An astronomer job is to study celestial objects to discover more about space.
Some major points and pros to the job are...
  • many astronomers can go on to work for the government
  • most jobs in the field of astronomy only require a bachelors degree
  • jobs in the field of astronomy are in high demand
Astronomers must use physics and mathematics to learn the fundamentals of the universe. The main problem for astronomers is to study objects around us. We firstly have to know about the moon and the planets before we learn about deep space.Though most astronomers just work on inspection and testing instead of observing.
The working environment for astronomers does not include many hazards. Most astronomers work in unique places such as particle accelerators and ground based observatories. Though, the field does require long and odd working hours. Since astronomers must study objects in the night sky, they have to work during dark hours.